If You’ve Ever Locked Yourself Out of the House Here’s How to Avoid It…

Paying Attention

Avoid making snap decisions, take some more time to “wait” and “observe” (Flickr photo via Alex Murphy)

If you’ve ever smacked your head when you’ve forgotten your keys in your car – or your house than you can appreciate how irritating it can be…  Well you can learn more about how to avoid that lack of attention by checking out an article I’ve written on the Renaissance Monk…  and start taking back what you’ve lost.  

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7 Ways to Manage Emotions and Increase Self Control

Review of Your Brain at Work by David Rock (Part 3)

7 Ways to Manage Emotions and Increase Self Control - Part Three

In David Rock’s Your Brain at Work: Strategies for Overcoming Distraction, Regaining Focus, and Working Smarter All Day Long you learn about 7 ways to manage your emotions and increase self control based on neuroscience research.

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Top Photo – A photographer trying to avoid watching TV :-) (Flickr photo via Dino Quinzani)

For Health: How to Fast for 20 Hours and Survive Only on Water

How to Fast for 20 Hours and Survive Only on Water


It’s easy to get the brain, blood, stress control and thinking benefits of fasting for as long as 20 hours every once in awhile.  

Here’s how I pull it off lately…

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Girl reading Fast Food Nation (Flickr photo via sean dreilinger)