Sunny Lam:

Ontario Courts Sexist? Say OK to Women Taking 3 Times Longer to Earn the Same as a Man

Originally posted on National Post | News:

As long as female employees can eventually achieve the same level of pay as men in comparable jobs, the fact that it takes them three times longer to get there does not create gender inequality, an Ontario court has ruled.

In its decision, the court found that the province’s Pay Equity Act requires only equality in ultimate outcomes for wage advancements, not in the time it took to achieve them. The judges, however, added that the act itself could be vulnerable to a Charter of Rights challenge if one were pressed — possibly presaging future tests of pay-equity laws across Canada.

In a decision pay-equity advocates have been waiting years for, a panel of three Ontario Superior Court judges rejected appeals by the Canadian Union of Public Employees over pay scales that require those in female job classifications to work up to three years before reaching the top pay rate…

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